Marketing management / 2nd ed.


作   者:Michael R. Czinkota, Masaaki Kotabe.





                     This text integrates a study of marketing and current business scenarios with E-commerce issues. Rather than create a single chapter on e-commerce, discussions are placed in appropriate chapters and related to all aspects of marketing. "Marketing in Action boxes" - a new feature in this revised edition - provide readers with a look at the theory in practice. Real company examples conclude with probing questions to help the reader analyse the situation presented. The 15 chapters in this book offer advice on teaching this course and incorporate key topics with the addition of a chapter on estimating market demand. "Manager's Corner" is a returning feature from the first edition and contains boxes which support chapter content by providing in-depth discussions on certain aspects of various topics, as well as offering expanded real-world examples. Scenario-based discussion questions which are built around a real example to help readers evaluate and dissect the marketing challenges of real companies, conclude each chapter. Sources for these questions include popular and business press articles. This edition also contains ten end-of-book cases.      


1. An Overview of Marketing.
2. Marketing Planning.
3. Understanding the Environment and the Competition.
4. Understanding the Buyer.
5. Marketing Research and Information.
6. Estimating Marketing Demand.
7. Market Segmentation, Positioning, and Branding.
8. Product and Service Decisions.
9. New Products.
10. Pricing Decisions.
11. Distribution and Supply Chain Management.
12. Designing Effective Promotion and Advertising Strategies.
13. Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations.
14. Selling and Sales Management.
15. The Future of Marketing. CASES:
2. Anheuser-Busch International, Inc.
3. AT&T.
4. Citibank Japan.
5. Kao Corporation.
6. Marketing and the Environment.
7. Pepsi One.
8. Spectrum Color Systems Inc.
9. Unisys.
10. Water From Iceland. Company and Organization Index. Name Index. Subject Index. Photo Credits.



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Marketing management / 2nd ed.
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